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Nightclub and Bar Soundproofing

Choosing the Right Nightclub and Pub Soundproofing Materials

You need to keep several things in mind when Soundproofing Nightclubs, Music Venues or Soundproofing Pubs.  Some of these essential things are discussed below.

What is the right material to buy? 

If you run a Nightclub, Pub or Music Venue, you’ll know what a nightmare controlling breakout noise can be.

Complaints are on the rise from residents and neighbouring business regarding noise from nightclubs, pubs, music venues with over 5 million people effected. The councils are now stepping up their efforts for the surrounding residents and bringing in stronger regulations to prevent the noise pollution.

BSP Insulation Ltd offer a wide variety of soundproofing products that can prevent noise breakouts which can disturb neighbouring properties or businesses. Our products can be applied to Windows, Doors, Floors, Ceilings and Walls of the nightclub or pub and will minimise noise breakouts especially low frequencies by installing our MLV Range.

 Below are just a few of the nightclub soundproofing products/systems you can install to minimise noise breakouts.

Sound Insulation Slabs 

This material is effortless to install.  It can dampen the sounds coming from outside the nightclub and noise breakouts. It also can absorb sound waves, reduce reverberationand enhance acoustics. Its uniqueness makes it reliable for soundproofing music venues, especially if you are working on a tight budget. It is affordable and effectiveat the same time. Its absorbing qualities set it apart from the rest and make it one of the most reliable for soundproofing.

Mass Loaded Vinyl – MLV100 & MLV50

With this High Performanace Acoustic Membrane, you can prevent low frequency sound escaping your venue.

Sound Isolation Clips

High Performance Sound Isolation Clips can be used to decouple your acoustic plasterboards from stud work or brick constructions.

Acoustic Doors

We manufacture our very own High density Acoustic Doors wich have been tested and have a 1Hour Fire rating. With our perimter and drop down acoustic door seals you will further reduce noise leakage around the doors.

Acoustic Glass/Windows

Existing windows are another cause of concern. Upgrading existing windows or adding aditional acoustic glass units will further reduce noise breakouts from your venue.

Sound Absorption

Acoustic treatment is in most cases never taken in consideration when designing a music venue. There is always focus on preventing noise in getting out, but no much though about noise already within the space. With a venue full of people, they will in most cases have to shout to be heard beacuse the sound is bouncing off reflective hard walls, floors and ceiling surfaces. A simple installation of Sound panels on walls and ceilings will reduce reverb time within any room and reducing noise levels within a space will reduce the amount of noise trying to escape the walls,ceilings , doors and windows.

In the UK,  a new build that generates noise and is built alongisde a long establish build  will be responsible for controlling noise pollution in the new building. If the long-standingbuilding is a music house, bar or nightclub, any developer that choses to build close to the noise-generating long-standingbuilding will be responsible for controlling noise pollution in the new building.

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